It is every athlete’s dream to bring glory to his name and his team. In technically any sporting event there would be a champion, there would be a loser. And very often, the better athlete takes the crown. Hours, days, weeks of strenuous training to achieve his best self, and the whole exhaustive preparations may all just be worth it in the end. It’s just a matter of who pushed himself further to determine the winner.

It is normal for an athlete to always aim higher. Always strategizing on how he outwits and outplays the opponent, at the same time to not be overpowered. Conclusively, the more powerful you are as a human being in the physical aspect, the higher your advantage is in the event. Being acutely strong, quick, agile – in short performing very exceptionally can give you a real head start on the game, and the only ingredient left is wit to eventually triumph over your enemy.

buy PROHORMONESAnabolic steroids have once become an alternative for athletes in the preparation stages. Such individuals continue with their workouts and trainings but not in a very demanding and extensive way, as these athletes let the steroids do the rest. And just like magic, their performance improves remarkably.

For more than three decades, anabolic steroids have been declared illegal in the United States. This is mostly due to several reasons that the government has decided to keep steroids off the racks and completely away from unrestricted public consumption.

For one, there is a huge potential that users of anabolic steroids might get psychologically dependent on the drug. Although its imposition is not as severe as that of physical dependence’s, the possible addiction is still there; and overdose of the said drug or practically any drug at all, is obviously harmful. But the main reasons why steroids have been outlawed for good is because of the physical and emotional damages it can inflict on its user.

Steroids are synthetically manufactured substances that mimic testosterones, or the male sex hormone. Consequently, the drug can cause liver failure, which branches into many more detrimental effects like liver tumor and high blood pressure. For the men, testicles will shrink, they will begin to grow breasts, and hair fall may occur. Women on the other hand will stop menstruating, produce more facial hair, and have a deeper voice. Infertility can also happen to both.

Without prescription, steroids are very dangerous, and you can be fined arrested and jailed for possessing them as they are in fact, strictly regulated.

Alternatively, people buy prohormones to take as a supplement. Prohormones are almost just the same with anabolic steroids. These are synthetically manufactured compounds that transform into anabolic hormones with liver enzymes. Although not exactly hormones per se, prohormones improve the effects of existing hormones.

What’s different with this compound however is that there are types of prohormones on the market that are not prohibited by the government, as these types impose significantly lesser threats (if there’s any) to a person’s health. Consequently, people buy prohormones of this sort with the greater sense of security.

Prohormones provide effects similar to those provided by steroids. For one, the body’s muscle mass will increase. The body itself will grow larger in general. The user’s speed, strength, and endurance are also upped. Certain people also buy prohormones for hormone replacement therapy. It serves as an alternative to prescription drug use and it might even function better than prescribed medicine. There are apparently side effects in taking prohormones, but that could be minimized if proper precautionary measures are followed.

Many stores allow people to buy prohormones. These drugs, alongside so many other chemicals available for research use, are available at very affordable prices.

Steroids might be stronger in effect, but safety should always come first. And that means safety not only in the physical health aspect, but also on legal matters as well.

Prohormones are known to be a better and safer alternative to steroids, buy prohormones.

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A custom coin will let other people know that you belong to a certain unit such as the fire, military, or the police departments. The history of the coin began during World War I when an American soldier presented his custom coin to a French soldier.

1.    Duo-tone Metal Custom Coins

custom coinsA duo-tone metal coin has a thin layer of natural discoloration on its surface. The discoloration is caused by the chemicals and oxygen on its surface. Carbonates, oxides, sulfates, sulfides, and chlorides are chemicals that form on the coin’s surface. The discoloration process will take months to years. The coin will appear more tarnished as its discoloration thickens with time.

It will take centuries for the coin’s color to be darker and least attractive. One way to check the authenticity of a duo-tone metal coin is to check its mirror effect. The mirror effect should not be greatly diminished or lost.

The coin may contain dual metals from gold, copper, silver, or nickel. A duo-tone metal coin with gold is reddish, bright orange, or bright yellow. A duo-tone metal coin with copper is brown, orange, nearly black, or reddish-brown. A duo-tone metal coin with silver is black, bright silver, or brown. A duo-tone metal coin with nickel is musty gray or silver.

2.    Black Nickel Metal Custom Coins

A black nickel metal coin has a layer of zinc, cadmium, or nickel. The nickel, cadmium, and zinc protect the coin from corrosion. Any of them can be applied onto the coin by using an electroplating method. The coin can also withstand sudden temperature change.

3.    Polished Brass Metal Custom Coins

A polished brass metal coin is coated with lacquer. Lacquer prevents the coin from tarnishing for a long time. You can hold a magnet to the coin to determine if it contains brass. If the coin has brass, the magnet will stick to the coin. Manufacturers use a tarnish remover or metal polish to prevent the coin from tarnishing further.

4.    Antique Copper Metal Custom Coins

An antique copper metal coin has copper that’s treated with a bleach or toilet cleaner.

A manufacturer will use a sponge to apply the bleach onto the coin’s clean and dry surface. The bleach will dry off after 12 hours. Bleach will be re-applied if the manufacturer isn’t satisfied with the coin’s surface color.

If the manufacturer will use a toilet cleaner to treat the coin, there are 4 steps that should be followed. First, the manufacturer will wipe the coin with a cloth that’s wet with a toilet cleaner. Second, the coin will be left for a day. Third, the manufacturer will gently wash off the coin. Fourth, the manufacturer will let the coin dry before applying clear lacquer on it.

5.    Polished Silver Metal Custom Coins

A polished silver metal coin may or may not contain metals like iron, steel, or copper. These metals retain the coin’s shape, especially if the coin is soft. The coin will become tarnished if it won’t be used for a long time. A way to test the coin’s tarnish tendency is to rub your finger or a white cloth tightly over the coin. If the coin leaves dull smudges on your finger or cloth, the coin tends to tarnish. A polished silver metal coin may become shinier or darker if used overtime.

The coin will have a black sulfide layer when it’s exposed to sulfur compounds in the water or air. The coin can also become sturdy when it’s exposed to water or air.

You can use a magnet to determine if the coin has polished silver. The coin should be attached to the magnet if it has polished silver. If the magnet does not attach to the coin, the coin has polished stainless steel.

A custom coins will let other people know that you belong to a certain unit such as the fire, military, or the police departments.

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When it comes to marketing today, you are not going to find many people able to traverse all the right areas. Yes, there are some that can make it happen through sheer will and options that will have them moving forward throughout a variety of different implementation strategies, but you will not get anywhere without focusing on a variety of different elements overall. If you want to gain market share, you will need to look at the world of marketing through the eyes of a different arrangement than just throwing up a website. DIY routes are ok, but only if you have a SEO partner that is able to do a lot of the heavy lifting in regards to internet marketing. You will not be able to traverse all the paths alone, and it becomes painfully obvious when you explore all the moving parts necessary to make it big within internet marketing circles today.

The Manifestation of Time Problems

seo partnerThe first thing that you’re going to end up dealing with is the crunch of time that it takes to fully implement the right strategy. You may not think that this is a big deal, especially when you start to read the literature that is available today in regards to the marketing collateral most people are dealing with. Let’s assume that you had a full 8 hours to work on search engine optimization, you would need to invest that every day for a week. Then on week 2, do it all over again. Do you have that kind of time? Chances are you don’t have that kind of time to invest in regards to the world of marketing. You will need to work on a variety of different elements if you want to gain leverage within the marketing world. You will need to have a SEO partner that comes in and does some of the lifting or else you’re going to find your page lost amidst a great ocean of sites that are doing the same thing that you’re doing, trying to get noticed.

Traffic Generation Woes

There are a lot of shortcuts that you could end up finding yourself traversing. One of the most crucial options that you are going to end up falling into is that of the world of marketing in the wrong framework. Think about the world of marketing for a moment, and you’ll see that the real world doesn’t lend itself a lot of credence to the world of marketing in the sense that you are going to have to deal with the traffic that converts not just the one that registers as a hit. Most people are happy with traffic that is going to land on their site and that’s it. You may find yourself dealing with this and finding that it’s fleeting. There are a lot of hits that can land on your page, but what good are they going to be if you’re not able to traverse the right areas or framework? Think about this for a moment, and you’ll see that shortcuts that will bring forth traffic will only prove to be problematic.

What you need is people to hit your site and then go forward with your call to action. The call to action that you have is important on many different levels. You’ll find that you will gain leverage within the world of marketing if you are working with a slow moving methodical search engine optimization reach. The SEO world shakes things up for you in many ways, if you consider traffic generation that will land on your site the organic way. Optimization is all about organic listings and traffic, and that’s what you need help with overall. If you don’t factor in the right pieces, you will not get anywhere.

Influencing The Right Elements

When you start to work with a good partner, you will see that content marketing is one of the elements that is going to change overall. You need to have a lot of content on your page if you plan on moving forward within the right framework. This is something that most people don’t really think about until they are moving forward within the right elements overall. You will find that the greatness that abounds in world of marketing is all about the way that you play with content. When you work with all the 15 different types of content marketing, you will end up moving forward within the right pieces necessary to move ahead of the curve. For instance, you will find that you can find yourself traversing the greatness of market share through info graphics, reviews, blog posts, and articles. At the end of the day you are either going to create a great deal of marketing prowess or you’re going to drop off the face of the internet.

The right influences are going to take time to test out so don’t rush through this. Take your time, and focus on building on the right elements overall. If you focus on the right elements, you are going to gain serious market share over time. Take your time, build the right framework, and watch your influence soar throughout the internet.

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As golfers continue to buy new and updated golf clubs to replace their old ones, the concern on where to dispose of the old ones will come to mind. This is especially true if one only has a limited amount of storage space for golf equipment.

Some may try selling them, but this may be a hard thing to do, as every golfer always wants to use the latest clubs. So, instead of selling them, here are some do-it-yourself ideas on how to recycle your golf clubs.

TIP: To get the best glue to use for this purpose, simply ask your local hardware store.


golf clubsOld golf clubs can be used to make tables by cutting off their heads, leaving only the shafts. To create the frame of the table, simply take four of the headless shafts (of equal length) and glue old golf balls on the ends of the shafts. Then, take another set of four shafts (also of equal length if you want to form a square frame), and glue each end to the golf balls, connecting the shafts to each other. After the frame has been completed, you can then simply glue a square piece of wood (or for better aesthetics, a chessboard) on top of the golf balls to create a table.

To create an end table, simply take two clubs of equal length (without cutting them) and arrange them so their club heads are firmly placed flat on the base, perpendicular to each other. Then simply glue a large plate on the other end of the clubs (where the grips are located) and let them dry to create the finished product.

Bottle Openers

The heads of the clubs can also be fashioned into makeshift bottle openers. Simply cut them off from the shafts, leaving just a small part of the shaft. Then take a small bottle opener and attach it to the other end where the shaft used to be, to make the finished product. For added design, you can cover the part where the bottle opener and the head meet with a small rubber sheet.


Several small golf clubs can also be used to add extra back support to an existing chair. Simply take these clubs and glue them to the existing back support of the chair to extend them further. Have them glued very close to each other so that they can support the weight of the person sitting. For added presentation, you could choose to get these clubs in equal length, or you could arrange them so that they’re presented in an ascending or descending manner.

Clothing Hangers

Another popular method of recycling old clubs is to fashion them into makeshift hangers. Simply take two of the clubs’ heads (without the shaft) and glue them together in an angular position, or simply glue them together on an existing cloth hanger.

Walking Cane

Most of the shafts of the clubs are strong and sturdy enough that they can be used as a walking cane. Simply cut off the heads of the clubs, and that’s it. For added comfort, you can bend one side of the shaft so that it forms a grip when using the cane.

Shoe Rack

To create a shoe rack from the clubs, simply glue both ends to a rectangular wooden frame in a parallel position, with a distance that’s enough to hold any shoe length. Six clubs can make a three-layered shoe rack, but if you want more layers, you can simply add two more to create four layers, and so on.


There are many other ways of recycling your old golf clubs, such as making license plate holders, curtain rods, lamps, and even a holder for your gadgets (like a smartphone or a remote control). The key here is using your imagination. With enough of old clubs, you can turn even your entire house into a golf-inspired environment full of old golf equipment used as ornaments.

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Badge lanyards are deceptively simple products that actually have numerous uses and functions. Their simple design allows them to be easily customized thus extending their longevity as a product. Often without realizing it, most people have actually worn a lanyard at least once in their life.

Despite their modern appearance and printed designs, lanyards are actually not a recent innovation. The high-tech designing, printing, and creation processes simply allow them to blend into more modern times.

Badge LanyardsIn the past, leather was the material of choice for creating the sturdy holders when they were not yet known as lanyards. They were then used to support heavy objects such as pistols or swords so they were expected to be durable. Today though, pricey leather has been replaced with cheaper materials such as polyester and nylon. The good news is that although the material has changed, the durability has not been compromised.

The high quality synthetic materials can still reliably support even your heavy water containers. Regardless, even without the threat of an accusation of public disturbance, it is still not recommended that modern lanyards be used to support heavy weapons. They are most fit for keeping your valuable items better organized while giving you added style.

The highly durable fabrics of lanyards make them fit for everyday use. For this reason, most schools and offices actually include badge lanyardsas part of daily uniforms. They are easy to care for and are visible even from afar. Promoters, hospital staff, coaches, and even busy moms also make use of the useful and functional accessory.

Badge lanyards however do not merely serve as mere fashion statements. Their most important function is of course reliably holding and securing your important ID cards. This feature also helps security guards when performing customary security inspections. A lanyard will make sure that these essential items will always be on your person at all times.

The longevity of lanyards also makes them an ideal, versatile, promotional tool. Badge lanyardsdo not discriminate between ages, genders, or social classes. Therefore, they can be distributed or sold to a much wider market to serve as a cheap but efficient marketing tool.

Individuals who receive lanyards with your company’s brand logo are also more likely to make use of the item because of its functionality. They will also be more likely to appreciate the item since its eye-catching colors and designs could encourage them to incorporate the lanyard into their everyday wardrobe. Customers could also show off their vibrant new accessory to their friends and encourage them to seek out the brand and acquire their own lanyard.

A lanyard will be able to provide your brand with more sufficient advertising as compared to other small branded items. Although a pen with a printed logo still serves a useful purpose, they are more likely to languish inside a purse or office cabinet instead of maximizing their potential as a promotional tool.

At a fraction of the cost of a billboard or commercial, badge lanyards could already provide you with subtle but adequate customer visibility. They are also likely to be used by their owners during travel. This means that they can also be seen by more people as compared to the number of people who will stop to look at a stationary advertisement.

Lanyards that are not specifically made for official use or for advertising purposes can also serve more personal uses. They can be used to secure small items that are likely to get lost or misplaced. Keys, cell phones, and spare flash drives are the common items attached to lanyards aside from IDs. Depending on your specific needs, lanyards can serve as personalized, fashion accessories or invaluable, organization tools that make your life so much simpler and easier.

Badge lanyards however do not merely serve as mere fashion statements.


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To have an easier time studying the structure of printed circuit boards (PCBs), here are some of the terms related to its concept and composition:

• Design rule check

    – this is the software check that makes sure the board’s design doesn’t have errors, like too skinny traces, too small drill holes, or traces that incorrectly touch.

• Drill hit

    – these are found on a design, and are where holes would be drilled on the board. It is common to find inaccurate drill hits as manufacturing errors.

• Finger

    – this is the exposed metal pad found at the edge of printed circuit boards. This is used to make a connection between to PCBs. Memory boards, expansion boards, and cartridge-based video games are usual examples.

• Panel

    – this is a larger PCB made of multiple smaller ones, which have to be broken apart prior to use. A lot of automated equipment dealing with PCB handling has trouble with smaller printed circuit boards. So by aggregating multiple boards at the same time, the process is sped up.

• Paste stencil

printed circuit boards      – a thin stencil made of metal or plastic that lies over the board. It allows the solder paste to be placed in certain areas during the assembly phase.

• Pick-and-place

    – this is the process (or machinery) where components are placed on printed circuit boards.

• Plane

    – a continuous copper block on a PCB, often called a pour, which is defined by borders instead of a path.

• Plated through hole

    – this is the hole in the PCB with an annular ring. It is plated all throughout the PCB. It can be a connection point for a component or a “via” for a mounting hole or passing a signal through.

• Silkscreen

    – these are the numbers, letters and symbols (and sometimes, imagery) found on printed circuit boards. Often, these come in just one color.

• Slot

    – this refers to the hole in a PCB that isn’t round in shape. These can either be plated or not. Sometimes, these can add to the cost because they take up extra cut-out time.

• Solder paste

    – this is solder in the form of small balls, suspended in a sort of gel. Using a paste stencil, this is applied on a PCB’s surface mount pads before placing the components. The solder can melt during reflow, which creates the mechanical and electrical joints between the components and the pad.

• Solder pot

    – this pot is used to hand solder boards quickly with “through hole” components. Often, it has a tiny amount of molten solder with which the board is dipped quickly. This leaves solder joints on every exposed pad.

• Soldermask

    – this is the layer of protective material on top of the metal. It is used to prevent corrosion, short circuits and other common problems. It is mostly green, although some manufacturers use other colors. It is often called “resist” as well.

• Solder jumper

    – this is the tiny blob of solder that connects two adjacent pins on the components on a PCB.

• Surface mount

    – this is process during construction where components are allowed to be set on a board without necessitating leads to pass though the holes. This is widely used in most designs today, because it lets PCBs to be created easily and quickly.

• Thieving

    – this refers to the gridlines, hatching, or copper dots left in the PCB where there are no planes or traces. This lowers the difficulty required in etching because there is less time required in the bath to remove unnecessary copper.

• Wave solder

    – this is a process of soldering that is used on PCBs that have through-hole components. Here, the board passes over the standing wave of molten solder, which clings on to exposed component leads and pads and acts as an adhesive.

These are just some of the many terms used in the manufacture and design of PCBs. By learning them before moving on to the more complex subjects, it can be easier to understand the processes involved in making these PCBs, as well as how the different components work.

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